Over six decades, Robertson has been providing gear featured in the challenge course, zipline, fire rescue, police, military, marine and medical rehabilitation fields. The company’s foundation has enabled the continued growth and expansion within many of these industries.

The early days of the company introduced designs by climber Brian Robertson. Brian’s harnesses were innovative, often known and labeled as Clan Robertson. Brian worked from his home during the late 60’s in Boulder Colorado. The brand was well known by climbing fanatics within the western region of the country becoming one of the first mountaineering manufacturers in the United States. Brian’s early crafting of the initial big wall harness used a unique seated design making an impression on the climbing industry.

The second generation of the company introduced designs by Ken Koerwitz who fashioned projects that would venture the company into the hang gliding and backpack manufacturing industries.

The Third generation of the company would finally settle in Southern Nevada finding new life within its early roots; the harness industry. Resurrected as a competitive Harness manufacturer, Ken Moore fabricated designs featured in the fire rescue and ropes course industries.

The Fourth generation is now, very much a friend and family operation heavily involved in the zipline and ropes course industry. Robertson is under the directive of Brandy Dolgosh President and CEO.

Today, Robertson Harness is extremely active in the Ropes Course and Zipline industries featuring harnesses, trollies, and pulleys. Robertson has become the go-to manufacturer for custom lanyards and design. The company continues renewed development and design seen in the rehabilitation and medical fields. As the company continues to grow within these fields, Robertson Harness remains a relevant manufacturer in today’s’ outdoors industry.

Robertson Harness moved to Northern Colorado in 2015 and continues harness manufacturing with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains less than a mile away.