GH101 Guide Sit Harness ( Small / Red Belay )

The GH 101 Guide Sit Harness has a waist size up to 30″.  Designed and tested to ASTM F-1772 Standard for Harnesses in Rescue, Safety & Sport Applications.  This harness meets & exceeds CE & UIAA testing.  Designed for the smaller person and children to be able to enjoy recreational or commercial activities with comfort and safety in mind while meeting Industry Standards.  Check out our “Harness Accessories” page to add gear loops, belt keepers, and padding.  Contact for any customization you may be seeking.

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GH 100 Series Product Specs & Instructions

Service Life & Retirement Harness & Lanyards

GH101 Guide Sit Harness Small – Waist up to 30″

SM.     # GH 101    up to 30″   Red
MED.  # GH 100    up to 47″   Blue
L/XL   # GH 102    up to 58″   Grey

For ease of identification, Robertson color codes each harness for specific sizing and colored right leg. ( Red=Small, Blue=Medium, Grey=Large )

  • Commercial grade harness acceptable for use in engineered zip line tours, canopy tours, aerial adventure/trekking parks, and Climbing Gyms as personal or rental equipment.
  • Independently reviewed and third party tested to ASTM-F 1772 standards  12.1.3 & 12.1.2
  • ANSI z359 standard of a 5,000 lbs (22 kN) static tensile strength and PRCA/ANSI 1.0-1.3
  • Webbing width 1.75in. and 0.083 thickness
  • Tensile strength 7,000 lbs.
  • Adjustable buckles made from heat treated AMS 2759 Hardness 1E to Rc38-42
  • Cadmium Plating (electrodeposited) AMS-QQ-P-416 Cl.1 Ty.1

This product has been designed, tested, and manufactured in accordance with

 ASTM-F 1772 and ANSI/PRCA 1.0-1.3 standards.

      Is specifically for harnesses used in safety and sport activities

Complies with ACCT and PRCA standards.

Additional information

Weight1.0 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 3 in


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