933 Double Lanyard w/ Primary @ 30″ Secondary @ 38″

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Service Life & Retirement

933 @ 30″ x 38″

1 3/4 Webbing 30″ x 38″

30″ Primary and 38″ Secondary

Lanyards are used for protection on high ropes courses, adventure courses, and industrial heights.

These are designed to meet the standards of high ropes course protection and many industrial requirements

Used for positioning and safety lanyards provide light weight and superior strength.


12-8-14 D A 12-8-14 D

This product has been pull tested to 5000 lb. (22.24 kN)
Complies to PRCA/ANSI 1.0-1.3 5000 lb. (MBS) minimum breaking strength
Complies to ANSI z359.1 required 5000lb. Breaking strength


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Weight0.4 lbs


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